Contracts & Workplace Policies

Contracts of Employment

A well written employment contract is one of the most useful documents an employer can have.  It sets out the terms and conditions of employment and lays down some rules.  We will assist you develop terms and conditions of employment and contracts of employment in compliance with the Employment Rights (Northern Ireland) Order 1996.

A contract of employment, is a legal document which sets out the employment relationship between the employer and the employee.  The Employment Rights (Northern Ireland) Order 1996 requires “terms and conditions of employment” to be provided to employees and sets out a number of specific terms that must be included in the document including business name, employee’s name, job title, job description and dates of employment, pay, hours of work, holiday entitlement, place of work and notice periods, details of any pension and any grievance or disciplinary procedures which exist within the organisation. A contract of employment often contains clauses or terms in addition to those required by law.

In Northern Ireland, an employer must provide employees with a written statement of the terms and conditions within two months of the date when the employee's employment begins.

Workplace Policies and Procedures

HR Policies and Procedures are vital as they provide structure, control, consistency, fairness and reasonableness in SMEs. HR policies provide written guidance for employees and managers on how to handle a range of employment issues, inform employees of their responsibilities and the Company's expectations.

We will look at the types of policies which should be introduced business specific for your Employee Handbook. The employment policies that you have will depend on the size and nature of your business. We develop family friendly policies that will ensure your business is legally compliant, e.g. Flexible Working, Maternity and Paternity Leave etc.

The Employee Handbook sets out your company’s own rules, policies and procedures but are not contractual, making them much easier to update.   We will draft policies, provide guidance on implementing your HR policies and can offer advice on communicating policies to different sectors of the workforce. We develop policies that will help employees understand what standards are expected of them and will help managers deal with these issues in a fair and consistent way.  

Employment Policies include but not exclusive:

  • Absence
  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Bribery
  • Cash Handling
  • Confidential Information on Whistleblowing/Protected Disclosures
  • Discipline, Dismissal and Grievance
  • Expenses
  • Equality and Diversity Workplace
  • GDPR
  • Health and Safety
  • Maternity/Paternity/Adoption/Shared Parental Leave
  • Patents and Copyrights
  • Pay
  • Performance Management
  • Policies on the use of company facilities, e.g. email, internet and phone use
  • Rewards, Benefits and Expenses
  • Redundancy
  • Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol
  • Social Media
  • Smoking, Drugs and Alcohol
  • Training and Development
  • Working Time and Time Off