CV Building, Coaching & Career Guidance

Have you no idea where to start with your CV, cover letter or application form? Do you want to make your interview stand out?

We provide career mentoring and craft professional CVs for jobseekers that make an impact. We offer bespoke CV building and career coaching services right through to the dreaded interview stage. Essentially we provide professional writing services and coaching sessions that help individuals secure interviews with captivating CVs and confidence building training.  We are highly skilled and experiencing in career mentoring: whether you are starting out on your career as a school leaver or making the move to the next Chief Executive role we can help.

How important do you think CVs are?

CV’s are a crucial snapshot of making a great first impression. Essentially it is your marketing tool to sell yourself and a well written passport (CV) will get you to your dream destination (job).  There is essentially a 10 second window for recruiters to scan CVs, therefore it is vital to make an instant impact. When individuals are able to demonstrate in writing on their CV - how they can purposefully think, outline their drive and identify how they add value to the business they can guarantee themselves an interview at the next stage of the hiring process.  

Can we see changes in CVs over time?

  • The length of a traditional CV has chopped and changed over time, recently we are seeing more advocates of the one pager CV. Personally I prefer a two-page CV that is still short and sharp as this provides enough detail but is not overwhelming to read. Modern CV’s consisting of 3+ pages are rare but are appropriate for someone with a long career history for example.
  • CVs are moving away from the traditional approach in minimising our wins and success.  There is a clear trend of individuals having a better ability in quantifying their accomplishments in their writing, ultimately showcasing how they have made an impact and added value to their workplace.  
  • We have seen a new trend in creative CVs this year, with a few applicants submitting ‘video CVs’. Although this could be quite time consuming for applicants I think for sure this will be something to watch out for in the future, with the popularity of social media.
  • We are still seeing that at least 50% of individuals that see a job advertisement that requires a CV – do not actually apply for roles as the dread of drafting a CV put them off applying.

Our tips for job hunters

  • Identify at least 1 way you added value in the workplace every day and how you achieved this, keep a note of what you did well.
  • A two-page CV is short and sharp, enough detail but not overwhelming to read.
  • Keep your header title simple, name, email address and contact telephone number. You do not need to list your address, age, date of birth, marital status or headshot!  
  • Always include a paragraph for your summary/personal profile, in this think strategically: what is my why? what is my purpose? what am I passionate about? what is my value? This is your opportunity to describe what you do to the world and grab their attention.

Want to work with us?

We have a variety of packages available from breakfast seminars, learning lunches, group learning sessions or one-to-one mentoring sessions.