• Do you struggle with retaining staff?

    15 July 2019
    Do you struggle with retaining staff? According to the Harvard Business Review, 40% of workers are planning to look for a new job within the next six months, and 69% have said they are already actively looking. For employers this can be a worrying figure as recruitment can be costly for businesses, not only costly in financial terms bu
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    25 July 2019  by Aine Crilly
    Job Description: Matthew D’Arcy & Company Limited Sales & Marketing Executive (Full- time, Permanent) The Role The successful candidate will be a fundamental member of the team and will have a crucial role promoting the organisation. This dynamic role will include organising events, e
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  • Did you know you can take unpaid leave to care for your kids?

    6 August 2019  by Aine Crilly
    Surveys found that approximately 41 per cent of working parents out of 1,500 parents were unaware of their legal right to take unpaid parental leave in order to care from their children. Approximately three quarters of employees have never taken advantage of this entitlement - even though in many c
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  • The Fundamentals of Employing Staff

    9 August 2019  by Aine Crilly
    Our next training session is 'The Fundamentals of Employing Staff'. This is a powerful session that will help you to understand the essentials of employing staff with this introductory course.  This session will enable employers to handle common day to day employment issues with confid
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